Do I need an estimate appointment?

We prefer that you make an estimate appointment so we can guarantee one of our Sales Appraisers will be ready and waiting for you.

Do I have to go through my insurance for repairs?

Absolutely not! We do insurance repairs as well as repairs you would like to pay for yourself – if you have any questions on this feel free to give us a call.

Can you do mechanical repairs?

YES! We have a full time mechanic who is extremely smart, talented, and very good at what he does. We do Wheel Alignments, Oil Changes, Brake & Rotor Services, General Auto Maintenance, Batteries, Tire & Wheel Services, Steering & Suspension and much more. If you have a mechanical question just give us a call!

Can you assist me with setting up a tow?

Absolutely – give us a call as soon as you realize your car needs towed! We will set up for a tow company to come and meet you (time of arrival depends on the tow company) but we will do our best to make sure your vehicle gets towed to our facility as soon as possible. If it is not during our business hours, call your insurance company and have them set up a tow to Randy & Bob’s.

Can I get a rental vehicle while my vehicle is in for repairs?

First, you need to check and make sure you have rental coverage on your insurance policy, this is something that we often times are not aware of. We will gladly call your insurance company or insurance agent and see if you have coverage.

If you DO have coverage, we can set you up with a rental vehicle and it will be here waiting and ready for you when you drop your vehicle off for repairs. (depending on the dollar amount of rental coverage you have on your policy, you still may have out of pocket expenses, your insurance company and/or Enterprise can discuss this further with you)

If you DO NOT have coverage we can have Enterprise call you to discuss pricing and you can decide if you would still like a rental vehicle or not – if you do decide to get one, the costs would be up to you to cover and Enterprise will discuss that pricing with you.

How long will my repairs take?

Collision and mechanical repair lengths are determined once an estimate is completed on the vehicle. It is not possible for us to give you a repair timeline until we physically see the damage. Once you bring your damaged vehicle in for an estimate, we will be able to give you an estimated timeline of repairs. Once we start repairing your vehicle, we may find more hidden damage that was not able to be seen at the time of the estimate – this is referred to as a supplement and is VERY common. If this is the case with your vehicle, you will hear from your Estimator immediately and they will review it with you.

Will I know how my repairs are coming along?

When you come in for your estimate we will collect the best contact information from you. We will also ask you HOW you like to be updated (Phone, Text, Email). We will give you updates as per your request. If more than 1 person will be involved in your claim or during repairs, please indicate to us which 1 person will be the main contact, we will then count on that main person to update the others involved-that way there is no loss of important communication and updates!

Do my repairs come with a Warranty?

Randy & Bob’s participates in the industry’s most comprehensive warranty. We stand behind our work and offer a limited lifetime local warranty as well as a 5 year limited warranty. You will receive a copy of your warranty at the time of delivery of your completed repairs. If you should encounter a problem with your repair, simply document your concerns and bring your vehicle and list of concerns to our shop for discussion and resolution.

Items NOT Covered Under Our Warranties

Our warranty covers the specific itemized repair provided by Randy & Bob’s, including labor and materials. The warranty does not include:

Defects resulting from misuse or lack of proper maintenance
Normal wear, element exposure and extreme environmental damages
Repair/replacement of tires, batteries, electrical parts, wiper blades, oils, lubricants or mechanical parts
Alignment after 90 days
Rust repairs