Goodbye Winter – Hello Spring!!

Winter weather is tough on your car. From the salt, sludge and road debris that eats away at your paint and exposes the exterior to the dents and dings that come with driving on slippery roads. In fact, many minor accidents occur during the winter months, thanks to the snow, ice, rain and tough driving conditions. But drivers should get rid of the winter damage faster than they put away their winter coats if they really want to protect and preserve their second-largest investment. A few simple tips from Randy & Bob’s Auto Body can get your vehicle ready for spring while improving its appearance, performance and long-term value.

Leaving the winter damage on your car’s exterior is no way to take care of your vehicle, salt and sand can cause rust and damage the vehicle’s finish, which reduces the value of the car by thousands of dollars.  And even small dents and dings can turn into major headaches if left unrepaired.  The smart thing to do is have a spring cleaning done on your vehicle to eliminate these problems and get it looking great for warm weather.”

The key is to get the vehicle thoroughly washed and restored, then evaluate the minor damage to be repaired.  Randy & Bob’s offers the following tips for removing winter grime.

  1. Wash your car with a good car wash soap to remove winter salt, sand, dirt and grime without removing wax protection.
  2. Clean the engine bay to remove damaging residue. Warm up the engine for a few minutes, then spray water throughout engine compartment with hose and nozzle. Spray underbody of car and wheel wells to remove salt and sand.
  3. Remove the tar and debris with an adhesive and wax remover. Just rub it on with a microfiber cloth, let sit for a few minutes to loosen dirt, old wax and tar, then wipe off.
  4. Clean the wheels and tires to remove brake dust, salt and highway grime.
  5. Restore tires to brand new finish with a tire restorer. Just spray on and wipe off for a deep black luster.
  6. Give the car a good protective coat of synthetic wax that chemically bonds with the clear coat finish to keep the car’s finish looking good.
  7. Lubricate door, hood and trunk hinges, locks and other moving parts with a spray lubricant that lubricates, penetrates, displaces water and resists corrosion.
  8. Get the glass clean inside and out for sparkling windows.
  9. Clean and protect the upholstery with a leather and vinyl restorer, which revives the natural sheen and soft feel of the factory finish.
  10. Clean the car’s carpet to remove winter salt and dirt.

Finally, complete an inspection for exterior damage.  Winter road debris, potholes and icy conditions can leave dings, dents and scratches hiding under the car’s cold weather coat of sludge.  Do a thorough inspection of the car from bumper to bumper and note any new damage.  Simple scratches and minor dents can turn into rust spots and bigger problems if left unattended. These minor dents and scratches are something Randy & Bob’s can help you fix!